Friday, April 6, 2012

April 2nd - Autumn in Amherst

Autumn in Amherst

I know he is going to write
about the tiny poet tending
tulips and lilies by the glow
of moon and oil

and you are going to write
about the love letters she wrote
to Susan, and the weed she grew
in her garden.

And me, I am going to write
about the two of you, how he soaked
in every shade of you -- red and gold
and orange, gave them back
to you in his smile,
how you helped him up from his chair,
zipped his jacket, how you cried
when two ruby leaves slow danced
 to the ground, parting at his feet
like ruby slippers,

how I knew you weren't ready
to let him go home.


  1. Oh I must have read this on the PFFA before the crash, I remember! Hugely interesting, as is all your poetry :-) The opening hooks you. Got in easily when not logged onto our NaPo Blog as bugsbunny ... Gonna have a look around now.


  2. Lovely. I really enjoyed S1 and S2, especially the last three lines of S2. ~Michelle